Free papers: Arthroplasty hip


Ingemar Ivarsson


Gademan et al.
Evolution of pain and function in osteoarthritis and its association with timing of total knee or hip replacement
van Tol et al.
Can clinical radiographs be used for large scale monitoring of polyethylene wear?
Figved et al.
Higher acetabulat wear and lower functional outcome in unipolar compared with bipolar hemiarhroplasties of the hip. A randomized RSA study of fit patients with femoral neck fracture
Moerman et al.
More complications in noncemented hemiarthroplasty of the hip as treatment for a displaced femoral neck fracture: A randomized controlled trial.
Rogmark et al.
Movement restrictions not meaningful after hemiarthroplasty
Stucinskas et al.
Comparison of dual-mobility cups and other surgical options