Free papers: Arthroplasty knee


Ingemar Ivarsson


Hoorntje et al.
Outpatient unicompartmental knee replacement: Who's afraid of outpatient surgery
van Hamersveld et al.
The effect of Periapatite coating on migration in uncemented total knee arthroplasty
van Hamersveld et al.
Surgical experience, clinical outcome and migration of mobile bearing versus fixed bearing total knee arthroplasty - Six years follow-up of a prematurely terminated randomized RSA trial
Van Outeren et al.
Is a high tibial osteotomy superior to conservative treatment?
W-Dahl and Robertsson
TKA after previous HTO compared to TKA as the first measure.
Leta et al.
The outcome of unicompatmental knee arthroplasties after aseptic revission into total knee arthroplaties